Yofumo Recent Events

  • Completed first two major decontamination installations in Uruguay Q3
  • Yofumo expands presence in Hawaii and Canada with new deployments
  • Yofumo selected as semi-finalist at the World Z forum in LA on Social Impact October 17-18. Follow our progress at http://worldz.us/. Yofumo is one of only twelve semi finalist!
  • Yofumo will be on the innovation and technology panel at New West Horizons 4.0 in Oakland, October 11-13.
  • Yofumo completes its initial PCT fillings post full grants from the USPTO

Our Patents - Our Footprint

Yofumo Receives Final Patent approval from the USPTO for its second and third stage fillings.
Yofumo Technologies is proud to announce that the USPTO has granted all pending patent applications covering over 40 unique modules and 3 seperate method, system, utility and aparatus fillings in May 2018. We are delighted to share this news with the market, our customers and partners.

Over 40 tons installed processing capacity across 9 states, Canada and Uruguay.

Our Solutions

Yofumo’s patented products provide a full spectrum post-harvest solution for antimicrobial treatment, curing, terpene management, and storage. Small and large operators alike benefit from our versatile, modular systems, all while reducing their operational costs and improving quality and consistency. Explore our signature units to find the right Yofumo solution for your business.

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The Complete Post-Harvest Decontamination and Curation Ecosystem

Yofumo provides you complete post-harvest solutions – from patented yeast, mold and bacterial decontamination technology to finishing, terpene management, curation and storage.

Signature Terpenes & Curing

Beyond safety, efficiency and quality control, our exclusive products deliver even more

Yofumo’s patented technology creates a uniquely clean environment for applying signature finishing and curing techniques to spices, teas, tobacco, cannabis, and a broad range of food products. Learn how to apply our proprietary terpene management and curing techniques to enhance and diversify your products.

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Outdoor LineTM

For large industrial operators, Yofumo’s Outdoor Line delivers our patented decontamination and curing capabilities, increased quality control and unmatched product consistency.

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